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New partnership with creates new opportunities for adult learners

November 15, 2021

Indiana Tech and Online Degree have collaborated on a partnership to offer adults across the U.S. better accessibility and flexibility to an affordable college education.

In the unfortunate aftermath of COVID-19, millions of Americans are still left without jobs or access to affordable education and skills training. Given the additional hesitation by many people to return to physical classrooms, a flexible and accessible education that addresses the affordability issues with higher education was of critical importance.

The innovative partnership allows prospective Indiana Tech students to satisfy certain general education and elective requirements through’s self-paced courses, online and tuition-free. Not only can students benefit from a significant reduction in educational costs, it helps overcome traditional barriers that often inhibit adult students from pursuing their degree. Students now have better access to Indiana Tech’s myriad of affordable online undergraduate and graduate degree programs. is a fast-growing edtech platform in higher education where prospective students are able to test-drive the college experience and receive college credit toward their degree at no charge. Working adults, who are often reluctant to take the first steps towards college due to general anxieties, monetary concerns, and daily work responsibilities, can begin working towards their degree without the need or expense of traditional applications, entrance exams, or upfront costs. works with participating accredited universities to award course credit for students’ completion of the programs.

“We still have a massive economic problem within the United States that’s left millions of Americans without jobs or the proper education in the wake of COVID-19,” says Grant Aldrich, president of “Indiana Tech is a pioneer in distance and adult-focused education, and a well-known leader in academia. This new partnership will encourage more people to take the first step towards higher ed, and make quality education accessible to those across the country who greatly need it.”

Indiana Tech has a unique and important mission to provide learners a professional education; prepare them for active participation, career advancement and leadership in the global 21st century society; and motivate them towards lives of significance and worth. Their innovative approach and educational philosophy give students the skills needed to make an immediate impact on their career and the edge to compete in this fast-changing world economy. Students can choose from a wide variety of online programs that allow them to learn from anywhere in the world.

“Indiana Tech has always been an innovative institution providing students a unique education to assume the mantle of leadership and participation in world economy,” said Gregory Perigo, director of strategic partnerships at Indiana Tech. “This newly forged partnership with makes that education more accessible than ever.”

In the partnership, prospective Indiana Tech students will have 44 units of available credit from that could be applied towards their degree. Qualifying students will also be eligible for a scholarship for an additional 20% off Indiana Tech’s standard tuition rates when they enroll.

For more information, students can arrange to speak with an Indiana Tech advisor here or they can apply to Indiana Tech here.