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Party Smarter

When consuming alcohol, in private or a social setting, there are some tips you should consider.

Count the pours, not the drinks

Not all drinks are created equal. Sometimes drinks can have heavier pours than others. Be mindful of how much alcohol you are consuming rather than the number of drinks. This photo is a great reference to count the pour of the alcohol in your drink.

Alternate drinking

Alcohol dehydrates your body, to make sure you’re slowing down and staying hydrated, alternate between drinking alcohol and drinking water.

Take it slow

Slowing down your consumption of alcohol is healthy for your body and mind. Sip slowly and try to consume no more than one drink per hour. This will allow your body enough time to break down that alcohol and allow you to recognize when it’s time to stop drinking.

Have a plan

When going out to a party or bar, planning can help the night go smooth and safe.

  • Have a designated driver for the night
  • Schedule an Uber or Lyft to ensure no drinking and driving
  • Establish where you are going, with who, and what time you want to leave
  • Eat before you go out and bring snacks for later
  • Create a safe word for your group. If anyone says that word, it’s time to leave no questions asked

Come prepared

Being prepared when going out can ease stress or peer pressure.

  • Bring a Cup Condom or something similar to cover your drink
  • If you’re sober, bring mocktails or other fun drinks to make it easier to refuse alcoholic beverages
  • Tell someone where you are going for the night, like a friend who is staying in or a significant other