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Alcohol & Other Substances

Alcohol, cannabis, and tobacco/nicotine are common substances that are used among college-aged students. Indiana Tech empowers students to make safe and informed decisions surrounding these substances. Explore the information below to learn more about the laws and ways to stay safe if interacting with these substances.

The Wellness Clinic allows students to obtain resources and education surrounding alcohol and other substances.

Indiana Laws

Learn more about the laws in Indiana for drinking and other substances.

Party Smarter

Explore tips to ensure you’re staying safe while having fun.

Tobacco Cessation

Wanting to quit smoking? Here, you’ll be able to explore resources to help.

Safety Information

It’s always better to be safe. Harm reduction is an evidence-based approach to substance use.

Alcohol Use Screening Tool

Concerned about your alcohol use? Take this free and confidential screening tool to monitor your alcohol habits.

This screening tool is not a formal diagnosis and should just be used to monitor alcohol habits and identify when it’s time to get professional help.

Getting Help – For You or a Friend

The health of our students is a top priority. If you have a concern for a friend or yourself in regards to increased or unhealthy alcohol and substance use, we have resources for you!