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Tobacco Cessation

If you’re on your journey of tobacco cessation, you are not alone. Quitting smoking can be hard but you have support.

Make Your Quit Plan

Quitting is hard. Planning can make this process easier. Take this personalized quit plan assessment and begin your planning journey to a smoke free life!

Quit Methods

While there are many methods to quit smoking, none is one size fits all. If one methods doesn’t work, don’t give it. Instead, explore a new one. SmokeFree offers a list of quitting methods.

Apps to Help

Downloading a SmokeFree app on your phone can provide 24/7 support for free.

Challenges with Quitting

When you begin your quitting journey, there could be challenges. You may face nicotine withdrawal, cravings & triggers, stress, and changes in mood, appetite, and sleep. Visit SmokeFree to explore more resources.