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Public Disclosure of Student Achievement for College of Business

The College of Business reports annually on student learning outcomes as part of its accreditation with the International Accreditation Council for Business Education. The report below provides an overview of the direct and indirect measures of student learning for the 2021-22 academic year.

2023 IACBE Public Disclosure of Student Achievement

Institution Name: Indiana Institute of Technology
Business Unit(s) included in this report: College of Business
Academic Period Covered: Fall 2021 – Spring 2022
Date Submitted: February 1, 2023 (Revised September 7, 2023)


MajorKnowledge rateEmployed Full timeInstitutional Target
AS Accounting71%100%95%
AS Business Admin – Management Concentration48%100%95%
AS Business Admin – Production Management Concentration55%100%95%


MajorKnowledge rateEmployed Full timeInstitutional Target
BS Accounting 60%100%95%
BS Business Admin – Entrepreneurial Studies Concentration100%100%95%
BS Business Admin – Financial Services Concentration88%94%95%
BS Business Admin – Health Care Administration Concentration53%100%95%
BS Business Admin – Human Resources Concentration71%100%95%
BS Business Admin – Management Concentration70%67%95%
BS Business Admin – Management Information Systems Concentration67%100%95%
BS Fashion Marketing & Management100%100%95%
BS Marketing 100%100%95%
BS Organizational Leadership58%100%95%
Business Administration86%82%95%


MajorKnowledge rateEmployed Full timeInstitutional Target
Master of Business Administration100%100%95%
MBA – Accounting Concentration100%100%95%
MBA – Business Analytics Concentration100%100%95%
MBA – Health Care Management Concentration71%87%95%
MBA – Human Resources Concentration95%90%95%
MBA – Management Concentration72%98%95%
MBA – Marketing Concentration55%100%95%
MBA – Professional Studies Concentration80%88%95%
MBA – Project Management Concentration78%78%95%
MS Organizational Leadership76%95%95%


MajorKnowledge rateEmployed Full timeInstitutional Target
PH.D. Global Leadership – Higher Education Administration Concentration67%100%95%
PH.D. Global Leadership – Organizational Leadership Concentration85%91%95%

Indicators Used

IndicatorDescription and How It Was Calculated
Knowledge RateThe Knowledge Rate is the percentage of the population of respondents for which we have information to report.
Employed Full-Time RateThe Employed Full-Time Rate is the percentage of all respondents who either reported being employed full time or pursuing continuing education. Data are collected through a survey instrument or located through secondary sources such as LinkedIn.